• BOD Incubator


    Standard temperature range of our BOD Incubators is 5°C to 80°C. In incubation process, temperature accuracy and uniformity both are important; therefore, our BOD incubators are equipped with digital PID controller supported by PT100 sensor for temperature settings that displays both SV (set value) and PV (process value). Temperature accuracy is ± 0.5°C and uniformity remains ± 1°C.

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    We are ISO certified laboratory deep freezer manufacturers in India and our company designs deep freezers in minus 20 degree temperature range. These freezers are ergonomically designed to meet critical freezing storage requirements of life science laboratory, pharmacy and biomedical lab etc.

    These units are designed in either vertical (upright) or horizontal designs. Each unit is fitted with digital temperature controller for easy temperature settings; other accessories that may include are temperature chart recorder, data logger, buzzer alarm and caster wheels etc.

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    • 40°C to 250°C temperature
    • Uniform air circulation across chamber
    • Digital temperature controller cum indicator
    • Excellent uniformity at high temperature
    • Stainless steel 304 grade inner chamber
    • Corrosion resistant exterior
    • Fume ventilation points on both sides
    • Stainless steel cable trays
    • Over temperature protection

    Temperature Range: The standard temperature range of a laboratory hot air oven is ambient+10°C to 250°C; in addition, we also make high temperature hot air ovens with maximum temperature range from 300°C to 400°C.

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    This compact oven can hold up to 18 hybridization bottles 50mm diameter x 300mm long. Carousels can be supplied for most sizes of bottles tubes and containers, and can be easily removed from the oven complete for loading and unloading. The carousel is driven by 2 rollers and requires no mechanical coupling. An optional rocking platform attachment is available that fits the same way.

    Applications include nucleic acid hybridizations such as Northern (RNA) blots/hybridizations, Southern (DNA) blots/hybridizations, Western (Protein) blots, and molecular biology assays, where sterile conditions are required and where the integrity of the sample must be preserved while heating it to the exact temperature for the right period of time.


    The HBOS  is an orbital platform that is mounted easily into the YBI Hybridization Oven and is suitable for a wide range of mixing applications. With a speed range of 30 – 200 RPM and the fitted Nitrile mat it is sufficient for holding containers at low speeds.

    The HBOSR is a rocking platform that is mounted easily into the  Hybridisation Oven and is suitable for a wide range of mixing applications. With a speed range of 5 – 60 RPM and the fitted Nitrile mat it is sufficient for holding containers at low speeds.


  • Incubator


    The temperature range of our bacterial incubators is ambient +5°C to 80°C, which is controlled through microprocessor based PID temperature controller and PT100 sensor.

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    LABZEE offers you wide range of laboratory hot plates; available in different sizes and temperature ranges. We make laboratory hot plates in rectangular shapes with surface temperature range up to 350°C and optional 500°C. Heating surface is made of either MS, Ceramic or Stainless Steel. Temperature is controlled through energy regulator or digital PID controller which efficiently controls temperature and also displays set value and process value. Other cabinet is made of powder coated mild steel. These lab grade heating plates are light weight and durable, and can be bought at reasonable price in India.

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    Vertical Laminar Air flow

    It is the most used type of laminar air flow. In vertical flow cabinet, room air is entered in working area through HEPA filter fitted on top of the cabinet. Thus, air flows downward (vertically) towards work surface and leaves the cabinet sweeping out particles and bacteria.

    Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

    In horizontal air flow cabinet, room air is entered in working area through HEPA filter fitted on the back side of the cabinet. Filtered air flows horizontally towards the user creating sterile working environment.

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    Our magnetic stirrers are made with stainless steel top and equipped with Digital speed Controller. The standard models of our magnetic stirrers are available in 1, 2, 5 and 10 litters capacities. Outer cabinet is made of corrosion resistant mild steel. In addition, these magnetic stirrers can also be fitted with digital RPM LED display. If you want multi position magnetic stirrers, we also make them. Such units are useful where more than one jar is placed. In such units, each position has individual speed Controller and RPM display.


    The heating top is made of stainless steel & Ceramic ; while, outer cabinet is made of powder coated mild steel. Temperature is controlled through digital PID controller

  • Plant Growth Chamber

    Temperature & Humidity: The temperature range is 5°C to 60°C and humidity range is 45% to 90%. These parameters are controlled through imported PID controller which features excellent accuracy and uniformity with PT100 temperature and capacitive humidity sensors. Tubular air heaters are used for temperature and for humidity, stainless steel tank with immersion heater is used with automatic water filling facility.

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    • Available in cooling only or cooling + heating combined
    • Temperature -10°C to -30°C also available
    • Precise water temperature accuracy
    • CFC free refrigeration system
    • Circulation through imported pump
    • Stainless steel 304 inner tank
    • Microprocessor PID temperature controller
    • Caster wheels with brake on bottom
  • Shaker

    The YBI orbital shakers are well engineered and user friendly to provide smooth operation when under maximum load and speed. The Access Shaking tray of each models have  threaded holes to accommodate flask holders as of 50ml to  5000ml on deepen the Models. When the speed setting is changed, it is smoothly ramped to the new set point to ensure that neither shaker nor product is damaged by sudden and violent changes. The digital speed control has a range of 30-500 RPM and is controlled from the easy to read front panel. Slow acceleration is incorporated in the drive system to reduce the risk of spillage.

  • Stackable Shaker Series

    LABZEE Shaker sequence is the perfect & Suitable for a wide raange of mixing application on every day.Solid state speed control has a speed range of Desired rpm is controlled from up & Down keys on the front of the shaker,

    Whilst LABZEE Shaker series are silent belt driven system will deliver years of quiet reliable operation without service.Slow accelaration & Deccleration is incorported into the drive system to reduce the risk of spillage, as well as a motion interrupt safety cut-out. And a wide range of accesssories is available for higher speeed shaking or retain more specialised containers

    LABZEE Shakers are simple to operate yet offers precise repeatable speed control in a package that is build to last.