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    • Available in cooling only or cooling + heating combined
    • Temperature -10°C to -30°C also available
    • Precise water temperature accuracy
    • CFC free refrigeration system
    • Circulation through imported pump
    • Stainless steel 304 inner tank
    • Microprocessor PID temperature controller
    • Caster wheels with brake on bottom
  • Stackable Shaker Series

    LABZEE Shaker sequence is the perfect & Suitable for a wide raange of mixing application on every day.Solid state speed control has a speed range of Desired rpm is controlled from up & Down keys on the front of the shaker,

    Whilst LABZEE Shaker series are silent belt driven system will deliver years of quiet reliable operation without service.Slow accelaration & Deccleration is incorported into the drive system to reduce the risk of spillage, as well as a motion interrupt safety cut-out. And a wide range of accesssories is available for higher speeed shaking or retain more specialised containers

    LABZEE Shakers are simple to operate yet offers precise repeatable speed control in a package that is build to last.