When you join LABZEE, you don’t take up a job, you align yourself to an exciting way of life – a work life that will see you discovering your true mettle, seeking out challenges and enjoying the thrill of overcoming them. No, working at LABZEE is never a job. It’s a way of life you for integrate into.

At LABZEE, we have constructed a culture that encourages people to venture beyond the brief and think big. Our work places and project sites are the most sought-after training grounds for young engineers.

Here, the doors are perennially open for first-rate caliber talent. We look for people who are highly qualified, adaptable and ever-interested in taking on new challenges every day.

If you are eager by innovation, creativity and growth and wish to work in an environment that care for talent, while concurrently  being exposed to the latest in Manufacturing, then come be part of LABZEE Family.

Learning & Growth

The learning opportunities for our team are not limited to one or two methods only. We provide multiple opportunities to our employees to learn, depending on their area of expertise/individual levels of competence and organizational needs. We are always willing to give the best learning opportunity to our employees.

We understand the goal of our team members. For prepare them for overall Project Management roles, we ensure that an employee has worked in various functional areas, before taking up higher responsibilities. Hence, on the side progress with an objective to prepare the employee for key roles is an aware effort in LABZEE.

Employee escalation in the organization is connected to employee performance and being a big organization with availability of large number of middle and senior level positions, straight up escalation has never been a concern for the performing employees.

While providing for the straight up growth, we also take a long-term outlook of an employee’s career and consequently, and give equal importance to both the straight up and parallel growth of the responsibilities/expertise areas, i.e. taking a pathway less traveled and getting out of the comfort zone to prove oneself.

Students and Fresher

At LABZEE, students and fresh graduates have possession, freedom, and most important, real and challenging projects. That is why they must possess lots of proposal and ability. Experience with LABZEE can help students and new grads grow both their technical and industrial skills as they work with innovative technologies.

Current Opening

Human Resources

Professionals in our Human Resources (HR) team develop and implement the people strategy that allows us to operate efficiently and effectively all over the Nation. By providing the right level of support to our people, we have a vital role in ensuring we support those who support our customers every day.

Credentials: Degree in Management

Experience: 0 to 2 Years


Professionals in our Finance team keep the engine running by setting and delivering on the financial goals and objectives essential to the overall financial success of the organization.

Credentials: Degree in Accounts

Experience: 0 to 2 Years


Professionals in our manufacturing, fabric organization and production teams produce Instruments used by our customers all around in the Nation.

Credentials: Degree and Diploma & ITI (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Turner, Fitter,

Ac Mechanic, Fabrication Sheet metal Works)

Experience: 0 to 2 Years

Business Services/Administration

Professionals in our Business Services and Administration team play a key role in helping us to serve our customers more efficiently by keeping the company ticking around the clock,.

Credentials: Any Degree

Experience: 0 to 2 Years

Customer Service

Professionals in our Customer Service team support our clients around the Nation, helping them make the best use of our products and services.

Credentials: Diploma & Degree Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical)

Experience: 0 to 2 Years

Marketing & Communications

Professionals in our Marketing team build and deliver our brand and communications strategy, enabling the company to maintain the momentum that most valuable brand in the Nation.

Credentials: Any Degree

Experience: 0 to 2 Years

Research & Development

Professionals in our Research team conduct extensive research, analysis and reporting of key findings for product development and/or product delivery. They help provide the innovative solutions our customers need and often have advanced degrees (PhDs, MS) and/or experience in technical, medical, scientific and research disciplines.

Credentials: Degree in Electrical and Electronics and Mechanical & IT-Software Programmer

Experience: 0 to 2 Years


Professionals in our Sales team are essential to ensuring we provide the right products and solutions needed to delight our customers, every day. They help initiate, build and retain business with our customers in multiple sectors all around the Nation.

Credentials: Any Degree

Experience: 0 to 2 Years